Pedestrian Monitoring

Pedestrian Counters

Seeking a pedestrian counter to carry out permanent or short term data monitoring? Be Counted Technology offer a range of permanent devices for long terms studies capable of 24/7 data collection and AADT, through to portable devices ideal for short term surveys.

All products are very accurate, discreet, IP68, capable of directional data breakdown and GSM retrieval and are self powered for easier installations in all locations.

Indoor Counting


Indoor Counting is flexible and adaptable, making it the appropriate counting method for a variety of events. It is possible to use up to 90 mats per event. Easy setup, take-down and real-time supervision. Available for sale or rental. Event assistance and supervision are also available.

  • Minimal Installation Time / Costs
  • Portable
  • Temporary or Permanent Solution
  • Live Display Counting
  • Self Powered
  • Discreet

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One or more underground SLABS sensitive to micro-variations in pressure are used to detect footsteps. A timer system prevents over counting if a person steps twice on the slab.

  • Highly accurate counting of groups
  • Detects direction of movement
  • Completely undetectable
  • Low maintenance
  • 10-year battery life
  • High-capacity memory (21 months)
  • Waterproof (IP 68)

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Thermal Camera (CITIX-IR)

schéma citix-ir comptage ville piétons

The CITIX-IR camera is the most advanced and precise counting system available on the market. The system is mounted 3m to 4m high and uses passive-infrared technology to count pedestrians and detect their direction of travel. The unparlelled precision of the system makes it ideal for counting pedestrians on high-traffic sidewalks and pedestrian streets.

  • High precision
  • Counts pedestrians in dense groups
  • Measures the direction of travel
  • Turn-key solution
  • Seamless data transmission to our software
  • Works in all weather conditions

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PYRO Range

pyro eco counter

The PYRO Range uses a combination of passive infrared pyroelectric technology and a high precision lens to detect a change in temperature when a person passes in the range of the sensor.

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