Real-time Display Real-Time Display


Eco Display Cycle Safety

The most common contributory factor in accidents involving cyclists is ‘failed to look properly’ by either the driver or rider.

Eco Display Cycle Safety sign can improve road safety as a high visibility cycle activated display that flashes advanced warning to motorist of the presence of cycles.

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Eco Display Compact

Promote dedicated cycling infrastructure and highlight active routes to cyclists with an elegant, clear sign.

Using ZELT technology, Eco Display Compact boosts active transportation by detecting and monitoring cycles, providing route promotion feedback via real time counts. This allows organisations to share active transportation data with the public, educate motorists, and improve the environment.

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Eco Display Classic

The Eco Display Classic combines ZELT or MULTI counting system with an elegant, real-time display. This impressive and interactive piece of street furniture encourages cycling by communicating to cyclists that they count.

Display either just cyclist counts or both pedestrian and cyclist counts. The Eco Display Classic can be configured to show counts from either ZELT loops or a MULTI counting system installed adjacent to the display unit. Daily and cumulative year-to-date counts are displayed to engage the public.

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