Eco Display Cycle Safety

Road Safety

Reducing road accidents is a primary part of successful traffic management - and the Eco Display CSS (Cycle Safety Sign) is an innovative, proven way to achieve this objective. 

Eco Display can serve as a basic speed roundel or offer more advanced road safety functions

The roundel can be vehicle activated, and emphasised with a warning message displayed in an optional text legend. And, if required, it can include a function to make the speed display and message fully programmable.

Additionally, the Eco Display can improve road safety beyond simple speed reduction. Using accurate radar detection, it can warn motorists of other, more vulnerable road users in the vicinity – like an unforeseen cyclist or pedestrians.

Encouraging motorists to adjust their driving sooner rather than later is key to avoiding accidents and enhancing road safety.  

The most common contributory factor in accidents involving cyclists is ‘failed to look properly’ by either the driver or rider.

Eco Display-CSS can improve road safety as a high visibility cycle activated display that flashes advanced warning to motorist of the presence of cycles.

Eco Display-CSS (Cycle Safety Sign) highlights the presence of vulnerable road users.

When activated by a passing cycle, the Eco Display-CSS becomes alert to its surroundings.

With advanced user programmable features such as activate wait times the display can remain dormant until the cyclist is within a high risk area such as a narrow road or out of sight to motorists around a sharp bend.

Once active the Eco Display-CSS becomes a powerful road safety tool, warning motorists of other, more vulnerable road users in the vicinity.