Eco Display Compact



System Overview

The Eco-Display Compact is small but visible real-time display. It works with all sensors. Pedestrians and/or cyclists counts can be displayed in real-time as well as dynamic messages. The display and mounting system are designed to resist vandalism. 

The clear design of the Eco-Display Compact can be customised depending on your objectives. Two information lines can be displayed (using matrix displays) on each side. For example: ‘Cyclists Today’ and ‘Cyclists this Year’, while alternating with dynamic messages.



The Eco-DISPLAY Compact is a small, high-visibility, real-time count display.

  • Simple installation
  • Light and compact
  • Customisable display
  • Robust and vandal-proof
  • Highly accurate on all bike facilities



Strong and waterproof

The mounting system of the Eco-DISPLAY Compact is built to resist vandalism. Ultra-strong panels and a 100% waterproof design allow to preserve electronic components.

Customised design

The design of the Eco-DISPLAY Compact can be customised to better fit your project, by adding your logo or any text you would want.

General Characteristics

Installation: Installation on flat surface or post

Counter compatibility: Compatible with any Eco-Counter sensor*

Connection to the Sensor: Wired connection to the sensor - CANprotocol

Wind Resistance: Zone 5 according to NV65 standard

Frame Colour: RAL 9005

Design: Fully customisable

Settings: Embedded web server for maintenance and sensor calibration on site or remotely (through WiFi or Ethernet connection)

*Except CITIX-IR


Material Characteristics


  • Front panels: 61.5 x 61.5cm
  • Display with front panels and mounting bracket: 72 x 61.5 x 15.5cm


  • ≈ 16.5kg with front panels
  • ≈ 12kg without front panels

Display Surface:

  • RGB LED lights - 16 colors
  • Pixel pitch: 5mm
  • Automatic adjustment to ambient light levels
  • Display surface size: 48 x 16cm

Temperature Resistance:

  • - 30 °C / + 50 °C


  • IP41

Power Supply:

  • Client must provide 230/110VAC power supply

Power Consumption:

  • Single-sided: Max. 45W
  • Double-sided: Max. 90W


  • TCP/IP (Cellular 3G/4G or Ethernet 100Mbp/s), API REST, OPCUA server






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