Auckland Lightpath

December 03, 2015 at 12:00 PM

Auckland's Lightpath 

Auckland Transport and the New Zealand Transport Agency have created the Nelson Street Cycle way, called Te Ara I Whiti, which translates to the Lightpath. It is also known to many as the dazzling magenta cycleway.

The Nelson Street Cycle way is an innovative use of the existing off-ramp to provide such an exciting new cycling connection for Auckland. The team responsible for this project worked with local Maori artist Katz Maihi and Iwi throughout all stages to ensure that the path had a New Zealand identity. 

The Nelson Street Cycleway which stretches from Upper Queens Street to Victoria Street connects directly to the existing Northwestern and Grafton Gully cycleways.

Zelt Inductive Loops were installed on the Lightpath to precisely analyse the electromagnetic signature of each bicycle wheel and count how many cyclists use the pathway. 






View a clip of the Te Ara I Whiti - The Light Path #LightPathAKL and see it for yourself!


For more information visit the Auckland Council website

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