About Us

Why We're Here

Be Counted Technology Ltd was formed in 2013 with an idea of bringing the latest automatic outdoor counting technology into the country to support Local Government bodies and other organisations with increasing sustainable transport commutes throughout their network. 

By monitoring pathways and cycleways, local authorities gain the data they require to ensure that everyone has access to safe and convenient walking and cycling facilities.

For a while there has been the saying "build it and they will come." Be Counted Technology is able to provide options to identify, support and increase trips made by commuters before or after the infrastructure has been developed, helping justify investments.

We help actively promote sustainable transport, through offering the latest in technology to engage pedestrians and cyclists, helping people choose this mode of transport. 

We have a desire to offer intelligent cost effective solutions, to improve safety of pedestrians and cyclists in mixed user environments and to attract more people using the facilities being developed for them. 

Who We Are

Be Counted Technology prides itself on supporting sustainable transport throughout New Zealand. The organisation has positioned itself solely around servicing the Walking and Cycling market throughout New Zealand.

Our customer driven approach ensures the right product is provided to meet the service requirement needed.

Why Work with Us

Our people have been involved in providing innovative intelligent solutions, as well as automatic data monitoring projects specifically for pedestrian and cyclist monitoring since 2006, delivering solutions throughout the country. Be Counted Technology has a wealth of experience and knowledge to back up the current products we deliver to the market.

Our partnerships with innovative worldwide manufacturers enable us to deliver customer-driven solutions for a wide range of monitoring, promotional and safety applications.

All of our solutions are focussed around low energy consumption products, ensuring our image is clean and green suitable for the market we are in.

Thank You!

We really appreciate you taking the time to get to know us. We look forward to hearing from you!