Eco-Visio Range

Eco-Visio is specifically designed by Eco-Counter for compiling and analysing pedestrian and cyclist data.

A Personal or Global Platform

  • Online software solution (Cloud Computing), available over the web
  • Collecting, analysing and sharing data between several users on local, regional and national scales
  • Organizing and managing counting sites
  • Editing professional reports in a few seconds

Managing Data


  • Centralize: all the counting data is properly
     archived and classified
  • Analyze: data is immediately available for any kind of report analysis
  • Share: rights management allows partners to exchange data
  • Communicate: edit regular reports to build up your internal and external communication over the counting data

Customized Reports

Create your own customized working space and edit professional reports in just a few clicks.

Custom-tailored templates, specifically designed for your needs, are available on request.




  • Cloud-based platform
  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Generate automatic reports
  • Produce graphs and charts with ease

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  • Easy to activate
  • Automatic transmission of local data
  • Temperature, wind, rain and snow data available
  • Provides an explanation for count variation

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  • Combine GPS traces with automatic count data
  • Visualize the flow of cyclists throughout the cycling network
  • Integrate multiple datasets to understand the state of cycling in your city
  • Use the free GPS tracking app or get a customized version

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