MULTI Cars / Buses


System Overview

Our Car/Bus MULTI is a complete innovation in vehicle counting. It is the only system of its kind that is battery operated. This low-energy counting system has a two-year battery life, making it a great alternative to other high-energy products that require easy access to power. The system detects the electromagnetic signature of each wheel making it highly accurate for counting and differentiating between cars and buses.


Applications                                 2ans.pngprecision_5.pngdistinction du sens de passagetrès solideinvisiblepas de maintenanceTransmission GSM et 3G



Count at the Entrance of Parking Lots

The Car/Bus MULTI system can be installed at the entrance of parking lots to count and differentiate cars from buses. The system uses two ZELT inductive loops to calculate the wheelbase of each passing vehicle – this allows for vehicle classification. Vehicle count data with classification is useful for estimating the number of visitors accessing a facility.




Count on Isolated Roads

The Car/Bus MULTI system can be installed on low-traffic roads (such as access roads state/provincial and national parks) to count and differentiate cars from buses. The system is perfectly suited to function in remote locations without easy access to power. The counting system is waterproof, battery operated with a two-year battery life, and it automatically transmits data through the GSM/3G cellular network.




Dimensions:  length: 1500mm to 2500mm / width: 1500mm

Covered Width: up to 6m, depending on configurations

Battery Life: 2 loops: 2 years / 4 loops: 1 year

Trench Depth: 40mm to 50mm 

Waterproofness: IP 68

Inner Structure


Installation Example