Eco Display Classic +



System Overview

The Eco-DISPLAY Classic+ is an eye-catching and powerful display that makes cyclists and pedestrians a more visible part of the urban landscape.

The counts registered are sent to our online software solution Eco-Visio, where they can be analyzed and shared with the public. Using the ComEth technology, the system can be connected to any Eco-Counter Sensor*. The ComEth-based system also allows for rich ITS integration options.


Benefits :

  • Highly customisable display
  • Elegant piece of street furniture
  • Display visible at night
  • Robust and vandal-resistant


Display dynamic text to cyclists and pedestrians

Composed of one or several matrix displays, the Eco-DISPLAY Classic+ displays real-time passages that are registered by the counter, with cumulative daily, monthly, or even yearly counts. It can also display scrolling or fixed texts of your choice on each side. Both sides are fully customizable (colors, display areas, scrolling behavior, etc.).

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Dimensions 239 x 46 x 16 cm 

Weight 110kg 

Operating temperature -30 °C / +50 °C

Waterproof IP 55

Material Aluminium frame & shock-resistant polycarbonate (Lexan®)

Color Graffiti-proof and rust-proof powder coating

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