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Bike Counters


Seeking a bike counter to carry out permanent or short term studies? Be Counted Technology offer a range of options for every environment.

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Pedestrian Counters


We offer a range of options from permanent to portable devices to suit all pedestrian monitoring requirements.

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Software Packages


From Monitoring Solutions through to Promotion and Safety of Cyclists and Pedestrians, we offer user friendly software packages that are web based making configurations of equipment, reporting and data analysis simple and hassle free.

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Real-Time Display


The Real-Time Display is an effective and prominent tool that can help make cyclists a visible part of the urban landscape. Show support for Sustainable Transport with live display counts!

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Eco Combo Logger


Eco-Combo is an innovative and versatile counter that can differentiate various modes of transportation (bikes, horses, motor vehicles, pedestrians, etc). The customizable system consists of sensors that utilize various technologies to detect a specific user type. Each user type detected is managed by Smart Connect, an intelligent system that sorts users by category.

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Communication Modules


Collecting data is important, but sharing this data with the public is a great way to share the success of your cycling policy. Users can browse dedicated Webpages, and discover the trends and key figures of your counting points.

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