Data Monitoring

Active transportation

Active transportation monitoring is the data capture of sustainable means of transportation.

Monitoring forms of 'Active Transport' is a key requirement for Transport Plans, providing accurate figures for areas such as scheme assessment and evaluation. Be Counted Technology provides a range of solutions for monitoring and ITS integration of cyclists and pedestrians

Our monitoring systems also provide data for organisations that encourage walking and cycling as attractive means of transport and recreation by promoting their availability and the positive environmental, economic and health benefits.

By monitoring pathways and cycleways, local authorities gain the data they require to ensure that everyone has access to safe and convenient walking and cycling facilities.



Counting Pedestrians

Measuring pedestrian traffic is important for the planning and management of cities, regions, and natural areas. We have developed a range of counters that provide accurate data in a variety of environments. Whether you are looking to measure pedestrian traffic on a mountain trail or on a busy downtown sidewalk, we have a solution for you.


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Counting Cyclists

Bicycle traffic data is crucial for planning and managing all types of cycling infrastructure. We provide solutions for every type of cycling facility, from dedicated cycling lanes to mixed-use paths. Permanent and mobile systems are available to suit a variety of project objectives.


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Our PYRO family of infrared counting systems can count all users on a multi-use trail without distinction. Our PYRO systems are used across the globe to gather overall attendance figures. However, it can be useful to distinguish between pedestrians and cyclists as these user types often exhibit different patterns of use (by time-of-day or day-of-week). By combining proprietary technologies, we have developed unique solutions that accurately distinguish between different active user types (pedestrians, cyclists, and horse riders) and vehicle types (cars and buses).


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Data Expertise

Do you need help analysing the data collected by your counter? Our experts on staff are ready to lend a hand. We provide a number of services to help you get the most out of your data.

Communicating your data effectively is incredibly important. We provide a number of standard as well as custom communication solutions.

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