At Be Counted Technology Ltd, whether you need Data Monitoring SolutionsInnovative Technology to Promote Walking and Cycling or Safety Awareness Solutions, we've got you covered.  We work with our customers throughout New Zealand to ensure that we provide the right solution to meet their needs. So what can we help with? Read more about our main services below...

We provide turn-key solutions for cyclist and pedestrian counting and data analysis. We offer a complete range of products and services to collect and analyze data, including high-quality counters, atuomatic and wireless data transmission, remote reading, professional online data analaysis software, and in-depth exportable reports.

We provide comprehensive tech support, consultation in defining your project, and on-site or remote installation assistance. Eco-Counter's philosophy is to provide clients with all tools necessary to collect cyclist and pedestrian data accurately and efficiently. Our unique technology and services help you to easily measure pedestrian and cyclist flow, whether for locations with heavy or light traffic.

Data Monitoring


Need pedestrian or cycle counts? We can help. We provide a full range of accurate automatic counting solutions and data monitoring services throughout New Zealand for permanent or short term monitoring.

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Promote Walking & Cycling


Looking for innovative ways to promote new walking or cycling infrastructure?

Wanting to engage cyclists to ride more frequently, or show pedestrians and cyclists they count?

Our technology to Promote Walking and Cycling is the perfect solution. 


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Safety Awareness


Pedestrians and Cyclists are prone to risk elements when commuting in busy mixed mode transport areas.

Be Counted Technology has a number of solutions from electronic signage through to advanced warning lights providing alerts, helping reduce the risk of injury and ensuring the safety for all commuters. 

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Counting bicycles

By combining accurate sensors and patented algorithms, we provide powerful technology to accurately count cyclists in a variety of contexts.

With an accuracy of over 95%, our solutions can detect and count only bicycles - even in heavy traffic conditions.


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Counting pedestrians

Knowing foot traffic levels at specific locations is an invaluable for planning and managing investments. 

Our pedestrian counters are adapted to the unique needs of our clients. From downtown districts to trails in natural areas, they can detect direction of travel accurately in a variety of locations.


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Leveraging trends

Counting pedestrians and cyclists allows decision makers to determine trends in trail and facility usage. Insights into trail and facility usage can be used to customise planning and maintenance to the most frequent mode of transport and peak traffic hours. 

Data analysis reveals hourly, daily, and weekly peak usage. Peak usage can be used to determine if a trail or facility is primarily being used for recreational, utilitarian, or commuting purposes.


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Our counters can manually transmit count data using Bluetooth. Data retrieval can be performed from up to six meters away from the counter! This is a perfect way to retrieve data manually without attracting attention from the public.



Data can be automatically downloaded using the GSM/3G transmission option. This feature enables daily automatic transmission of data. Count data is automatically stored in Eco-Visio software and available for analysis.




Real-time count data is also available through an Ethernet/IP connection. Our data logger, Cometh, is up to the latest standards and communication protocols of intelligent transportation systems (ITS).


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Data analysis

Eco-Visio software a cloud-based solution specifically designed to compile and analyze data collected by our pedestrian, cyclist, and multi-user counters.

Highly accessible and easy to use, Eco-Visio allows for data centralization and analysis, as well as data sharing with partners and stakeholders. Export reports quickly and control the access rights of each user to the data.

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Weather module

Eco-Visio’s weather module allows you to analyze the relationship between cycling demand and weather with precision. 

Weather data and bike counts can supplement data from surveys to better understand commuting preferences. With this information, cities can take informed actions based on year-round cycling mode share. Easily combine cycling data with weather information in the easy-to-view interface. Atypical counts can often be explained by weather.

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Mapping analysis

Eco-Visio Maps, a cloud-based data integration and mapping analysis tool, increases insight into bicycle use for active transportation managers. Eco-Visio Maps combines GPS traces with automatic count data.

Flexible and modular, this platform can import a wide range of datasets to quickly perform meaningful geographic analysis.


Share & Communicate


Real-time displays

Real-time displays are an ideal solution for promoting bicycle use, communicating progress, and facilitating dialogue. A customizable display showing daily and to-date counts is linked to our pedestrian and/or bicycle counters.

With over 100 units installed worldwide, including Long Beach, Chicago, Auckland and Manchester, the Eco-DISPLAY Classic is a popular tool to get the conversation started.


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Public Webpages

Sharing and communicating count data with the public is made easy with public webpages. Public data can shares the success of your active transportation policies.

Thanks to dedicated public webpages, the public can view count data for specific sites in one click and discover long-term trends.


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API Access

The secure API creates instant access to count data on your website and smartphone based applications.

Develop your own data visualization by directly accessing the Eco-Visio database. Get the most out of your count data and customize how you share it!


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