Data Expertise

Take the hassle out of Data Collection and Maintenance!

Custom Reports and Communication Solutions

Do you need help analysing the data collected by your Counter? We are ready to lend a hand. We provide a number of services to help you get the most out of your data. We can:

  • Compare the data from different counters
  • Analyse the impact of special events
  • Provide key figures
  • Determine attendance profiles (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly)
  • Extrapolate data


Communicating your data effectively is incredibly important. We provide a number of standard as well as custom communication solutions: 

  • Development of a standard or detailed report with analysis of one or multiple counters.
  • Creation of a high-impact, personalised report designed for communication with a large public audience and/or key stakeholders.
  • Integration of a widget on your organisation’s website that displays daily counts from one or multiple counters.


Be Counted Technology are able to assist with a range of service options for maintenance and data retrieval of your Eco Combo pedestrian or cycle counters. 

Our services include:

Manual and On-site Data Retrieval (Bluetooth Transmission)



- Simple manual data retrieval on site                                     -  Immediate access to data

- Validation of automatic counts vs manual                            - Equipment cleaning and connection checks

- On site data retrieval and logger setting checks                   - Exchange of batteries

- Site movements for semi permanent counting stations

All Eco-Counters come with the ability to transmit data by Bluetooth. The retrieval of data is done on-site using a Bluetooth connection with Eco-Counter's Eco-Link software running on a Windows PC, a netbook, a Windows 8 tablet or a compatible Android smartphone.

Immediately after downloading your data, it can be viewed to verify data quality. While on site, with Eco-Link open, it can be a good opportunity to test the accuracy of the device in real-time. When back at the office, and connected to the Internet, saving and synchronizing your data with Eco-Visio is as easy as pressing a button. Your data is now ready for analysis.

Automatic Data Transmission (Remote Reading by GSM/3G) 



- Daily data updates                                                                      - Automatic alerts

- Automatic data back-up                                                             - Reduces operational costs

- Managing count sites and logger movements

All Eco-Counters are available with the automatic data transmission option (GSM/3G). This data transmission option sends automatic daily updates of count data directly to Eco-Visio, Eco-Counter's online data analysis platform. Every night, the data from each counter is automatically synchronized with and saved on our server. The data is immediately available for data analysis.

The automatic data transmission service includes a couple of additional features. Firstly, unlimited access to a full, up-to-date version of Eco-Visio. Secondly, the service comes with our Eco-Alert notification system. The notification system helps you set up a range of expected daily counts for each of your counting systems; should a daily count fall outside of the expected range, a notification by e-mail will alert the user of an unusually low or high count. Lastly, Eco-Counter's automatic data transmission is very reliable. Eco-Counter has roaming agreements with several large service providers specializing in M2M, meaning that your counter will communicate with the strongest available network at any given location.


- Remote areas that are difficult and time-consuming to access

- Strategic sites that require regular and careful monitoring

- Projects with a low operational budget (the automatic data transmission option can drastically reduce the cost of labour and transportation associated with site monitoring)