Quantium Video Sensor


Technical Specifications

Video Sensor:

  • High-end processor and 3D Video Sensor dedicated to environment ranging from normal to extremely dense visitors flow,
  • Counting accuracy > 95%
  • CMOS  HDR (High Dynamic Range) sensors
  • Management of the overlapping surfaces of a number of sensors
  • Sensor internal memory of 1 year more data
  • Time setting by NTP client protocol (Network Time Protocole RFC 1305 and / or TP server (Time Protocole RFC 868)

Aesthetic and compact sensor

  • Weight 1.4kg
  • Available protusive and embedded
  • No cable or screws visible 
  • Dimension 295 x 106 x 54 mm (11 mm when embedded)
  • White RAL 9003 (other color possible)

Operating conditions

  • Mounting height:  from 2,5 m to 6,5 m.
  • Depending on fixation height , one sensor can cover a counting width of 1,8 m to 6,1 m
  • Ambient light from minimal 150 lux up to 20 000+ lux (200 lux or 250 lux required for certain safety applications
  • IP 64
  • Can stands liquid splash or dust
  • Temperature : from -10°C to 55 °C
  • Counting location is flat (no more than 15% degrees inclination)
  • Sensor fixed on a flat surface (no more than 5 degrees inclination

Electrical Power

  • POE+ (IEE standard 802.3 at)
  • Maximum 100 meter of cable category 5 SFTP: AWG 23
  • Power consumption : 20 Watts


  • ethernet 10/100 base T
  • Real time data management remote server
  • Count data files by TCP-IP

Setting & Maintenance

  • through Wifi norm IEEE 802.11b/g
  • Operation status : 2 status LED




  • Contrary to most Video-type systems, the performance of the Quantium never deteriorates with shadows, sudden changes in ambient luminosity or particulalry strong lights (direct sun rays)
  • FGPA processor Computing Power 1000 times higher than DSP calculators fitted on common sensors. It allows a continuous analysis of the video flow on each point of the picture.
  • Exceptional accuracy with 3D Video Technology allowing classification by slices of 10 cm of the height of the persons. Allows exceptional performance also with dense flow of visitors.
  • Real detection and electronic « signature » allows smart monotoring of overlaps for those wide detection zone covered by more than two or more Quantium.

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