Teach kids and students that biking is a healthy habit for themselves and for their planet.

Frequent Cycler Programme

Frequent cycler is an easy and scalable incentive program, conceived to help communities develop an environmentally friendly and healthy transportation alternative.

Why Launch a Frequent Cycler Program?

A huge proportion of everyday journeys are short distances that could be covered by bicycle. For several years, communities have been working to encourage people to commute by bike. People are ready to contribute to environmental protection, but they also want to be rewarded for their efforts.

How Does it Work?

Register.jpg01 Register

An ad campaign encourages people to sign up in shops, city hall, etc. Cyclers mount their personal Spoke Tag on their bikes and complete their registration on the website.


02 Cycle

Checkpoints equipped with RFID and ZELT* are set up to recognize Cyclers’ Spoke Tags. A Cycler earns a PedalPoint each time a Checkpoint is passed.


03 Earn rewards

Frequent Cyclers can visit the website to check their PedalPoints, their ranking, the calories they burn or the CO2 they save and convert their PedalPoints into gifts.

Who can use it?


Reduce traffic congestion and show your support for the development of cycling policies at a fraction of the cost of a bike sharing program.


Reduce your CO2 imprint and the need of parking lots, show your support to cyclists and offer your employees a healthy lifestyle alternative.

Schools and University’s

Teach kids and students that biking is a healthy habit for themselves and for their planet. Show your commitment to the environment and promote long-lasting green habits.

How do you run an Frequently Cycler Program?

We have developed powerful tools to simplify the program launch so that you can focus on managing it.



• The best strategic locations for the Checkpoints.

• Your reward rules: challenges, lotteries or PedalPoints accumulation.






• Deploy your ad campaign, use the Be concept or create your own.

• Promote the program and distribute the SpokeTags.




• Manage your personalized web platform, track participation, organize challenges, monitor your prize inventory and communicate with your cycling community.


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