One platform with all the tools you need


Cloud-based platform

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Eco-Visio is our unique online platform, specifically designed to analyse pedestrian and cyclist count data. The data from your counter is stored on our server (cloud computing) so it is secure, backed-up and accessible all the time. Eco-Visio allows you to easily manage your counting points, explore your data, perform the most basic to the most complex analysis, and create and edit professional reports. Eco-Visio's many functions have been designed to facilitate your work and to help you get the most out for your data with a few simple clicks.

Manage all your counting sites using the Eco-Visio dashboard feature.

Centralize and secure all of your counting data.

Analyze data with ease using Eco-Visio's analysis tools.

Share your data with colleagues and partners using Eco-Visio's rights management feature.

Communicate your results using Eco-Visio's built-in report generation tool.

Personalised automatic reports

Eco-Visio's built-in report feature allows you to create a personalised, standard report in seconds. The report includes your organization's logo, a photo of the counting site and two pages of key figures and pertinent graphs illustrating typical weekday and weekend trends. Simply choose the counter(s) and the time period of study... Eco-Visio will do the rest and produce a professional report in Word or in PDF.

In just a few clicks, you can produce a detailed report with:

  • Key figures (average, total, day of highest attendance)
  • IN/OUT direction distribution
  • Weekday and weekend analysis

The standard report produced by Eco-Visio can be edited or incorporated into a larger document using WORD. Custom-tailored templates , specifically designed for your needs, are also available on request.


In-depth analysis tools

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Eco-Visio's simple, built-in features allow you to analyze and view your data in just a few clicks. You can create daily and weekly user demand profiles and simple comparison of multiple counters. The exclusion management feature allows you to easily filter out a defined time period (weekends, evenings, holidays) to analyse your data in greater depth. Graphs, charts and tables can be easily exported and incorporated into documents and spreadsheets.

A simple and powerful dashboard

Eco-Visio includes many features that facilitate counter management including: a main dashboard, a tagging feature that helps in organising counters, and a user management feature that allows an administrator to add an unlimited number of users and manage user rights for simple sharing of data with colleagues and partners.

Eco-Visio's simple yet powerful dashboard allows you to map, sort and manage your counting systems. Managing your systems is facilitated by quick access to key information about each counter:

  • Battery level remaining
  • Date of last data transmission
  • Photo and location of each counting system
  • Initial setup date
  • Average daily count

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Customised alert system


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Eco-Visio comes with an alert and data validation module called Eco-Alert. Any user with counters that transmit data automatically via GSM/3G can benefit from this useful feature.

Eco-Alert permits users to enter a few, simple parameters that create a range of expected daily counts for each counting system; should a daily count fall outside of the expected range, a notification by e-mail will alert the user of an unusually low or high count. Eco-Alert helps users maintain, and stay up-to-date with a fleet of counters with relative ease.

National database

Eco-Visio has been designed to support the needs of a national-scale counting program. With Eco-Visio, it is possible to create and manage a national database by collecting, validating and analysing data collected by any type of counter.