ReCycled Post


System Overview

The ReCycled Post is a highly accurate person counting system. The system counts both cyclists and pedestrians and is ideal as a permanent counter in parks and along unpaved trails. Using a PYRO sensor with its passive-infrared, pyroelectric technology and a high-precision lens, the ReCycled Post counts people passing within the range of the sensor by detecting their body temperature. Due to its well-engineered sensor and innovative ORION algorithm, the ReCycled Post can simultaneously detect two people walking in a slightly staggered formation. The post can be installed in hard-packed soil in a matter of minutes and the sensor is self-calibrating making for a simple installation process.

Applications                                                très solidedistinction du sens de passageinvisibleEtanche IP.66pas de maintenanceBatterie 10 ansTransmission GSM et 3G




Develop Trends Over Time

The ReCycled Post is a perfect solution for obtaining trends over time. Like all counters, the system collects data in 15-minute or 1-hour intervals, 24/7. The data generated by the system allows for the comparison of pedestrian and bike trips over consecutive months, seasons or even years.



Monitor Pedestrians and Cyclists

The ReCycled Post is a multi-purpose counting system. It is a perfect solution for counting pedestrians and cyclists on multi-user paths. The sensor monitors both pedestrians and cyclists by measuring the heat emitted by the user. The system maintains a high level of accuracy when counting cyclists travelling at high speeds.



Turn-key Solution

The ReCycled Post like all counters, is a complete turn-key solution.The recycled plastic post houses the infrared sensor while the logger and battery are housed in a hand well buried adjacent to the post. The plastic post is tamper-resistant and all of the system components are completely waterproof. The system has a two-year battery life when equipped with an active automatic data transmission option (3G/GSM) and a ten-year battery life with manual Bluetooth data transmission. Like all counters, the ReCycled Post wirelessly transfers data to the Eco-Counter server where it can be easily accessed using Eco-Visio, our specialized online data analysis software.



Operating Temperature: -40̊c / +40̊c 

Waterproof: IP 68

Material: Recycled Plastic

Dimensions:  1200mm x 150mm x 80mm

Range: Up to 15m

3D image of ReCycled Post


Installation Example