The dashboard allows you to track daily traffic for the selected site as well as its progression through time. Swiftly measuring the impact of specific events by comparing the performance of your site with our national reference indicators. 



The reports tab allows you to edit PDF reports that summarise traffic attendance. These summary reports can be sent automatically and periodically by email. This tab also offers the opportunity to study traffic attendance and dwell time of a selected number of sites in order to compare them with others within the group as well as with panels.



The Analytics tab provides tools to analyse site traffic based on 6items:

  • per year 
  • per month 
  • per week or typical week
  • per day
  • per time slot
  • per door 

This tab offers a deeper analysis of the shopping mall and its associated areas (Supermarket, Parkings, Stores, etc.) All charts and tables can be exported to Microsoft Office suite such as Excel or Word.